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What to do in Forte dei Marmi… and surroundings

The Market in Forte

All year long, on Wednesdays from 08:30 am to 01:30 pm, it is held the now well-known market: clothing, shoes, lingerie, cashmere and ready-to-wear fashion where everyone can find top quality items at unbeatable prices. From the Easter Sunday to the last Sunday of October there is also the seasonal market, fewer but always high-quality stalls.

Saint Hermes’ fair

On the 28th of August it is held the traditional Saint Hermes’ fair that fills the wonderful city centre of Forte dei Marmi with stalls and, in the evening, there are the unmissable fireworks awaited by the whole population and destination for tourists that crowd beaches and city squares to enjoy the amazing event.

Villa Bertelli

Throughout the year and especially during the summer, the Villa hosts art exhibitions, concerts by Italian and foreign artists, comedy shows and meetings with great masters of theatre and opera. Performances in July and August are especially intense.

Calendar events

Versiliana’s theatre and “Gli incontri al Caffè”

Inside the pine forest celebrated by Gabriele D’Annunzio there is the spectacular “Teatro Grande”, where cultural, musical and comic performances of the highest level take place throughout the summer season.

The summer salon, launched by Romano Battaglia, novelist and television popularizer of literary culture, shows his rich calendar from 8th July to the end of August in the scrub that the Vate described as crossed by wide and soft avenues on which you gallop without any noise, as in a dream.

The following link allows you to check the rich program of the Foundation versilianafestival.it

La Capannina

It was opened in August 1929 by Achille Franceschi, a local hotelier, who set up a hut on the beach, arranged small tables, a counter for serving drinks and a crank gramophone and gave life to what soon became and still is one of the most exclusive places in Italy. The origin of the name is said to be due to a phrase used by a countess, who used to spend her summer holidays at the Fort, to describe the new restaurant in Franceschi’s presence.
La Capannina was a great success right from the start, becoming a meeting place for nobles such as Della Gherardesca, Rospigliosi and Sforza, for intellectuals at the level of Montale, Ungaretti and Primo Levi, and hosted shows by the most popular national and international artists: Patty Pravo, Édith Piaf, Ray Charles and Gloria Gaynor.
It has also been the setting for Italian films such as Sapore di mare and Abbronzatissimi with Jerry Calà, a regular guest at La Capannina.

Visit the website of La Capannina

Antro del Corchia

It is one of the largest underground environments in Italy and Europe. A spectacular complex of tunnels, shafts and halls excavated by water over millions of years in the marble heart of Monte Corchia, in the Apuan Alps Regional Park. It was once known as “Buca del Vento” or “Buca di Eolo”, because of the strong wind that you can feel when entering, that reaches 85 km/h and it was discovered by chance, towards the middle of the 19th century, during research carried out on the southern slope of Monte Corchia to find marble veins. A so wide underground environment that, centuries after its discovery, keeps being an irresistible attraction for speleologists and explorers.
The tourist route to discover the Antro del Corchia winds for about two kilometres along a steel walkway, allowing visitors to safely admire some of the most evocative places in the cave, among forests of stalactites and halls tens of metres high.

Visit the website of Antro del Corchia

Carrara White marble quarries

Records of the first marble quarries in the Carrara area date back to the first century B.C. during the Roman domination, which exploited the city of Luni as the primary extraction point.
In ancient times, a wedge of fig wood was inserted into the natural cracks in the rock. These were filled with water until the wood swelled and the stone cracked.
This extraction technique remained unchanged, if not with minor variations, until the Renaissance when Michelangelo began to visit Carrara area to practice its extraction and processing.
Today, more than 200 companies extract around 700,000 tons of marble a year, making Carrara the world’s leading producer of marble stone.
It is a unique experience to visit the extraction sites thanks to the many tours you can book through the different portals in the area.

Visit Quarries ( le cave ) and the Museum il museo

Golf and Tennis Clubs

Hotel Atlantico is particularly suitable also for those who want to relax and spend days of healthy activities, since you can reach the exclusive Golf Club and the most prestigious tennis clubs only in 5 minutes by car.
Most of the latter also have padel courts and well-equipped gyms available as well as changing rooms, showers and parking facilities.

Tennis Europa – Tennis Raffaelli – Tennis Italia